6.4.12 (Part 1) Real Estate 360 Live With Louis Cammarosano – Are US Treasuries a Safe Haven?

Louis notes that the “flight to safety” still involves buying US Treasuries even though the US owes over trillion and notes that the Fed will continue to do quantitative easing and keep interest rates low. Louis notes that even though this methodology can be viewed as “kicking the can down the road” and that road is a dead end, the markets seem to buy it. Ryan notes that ten year treasury is at an all time low. Louis notes that rates in Germany are negative. Louis notes that Europe is considering an even stronger central bank bailout of Europe. Louis notes that in a debt driven economy, more and more debt needs to be layered on to keep the economy going. Louis notes ironically that investors take comfort that the Federal Reserve will continue to buy US debt based on money created out of thin air. Louis notes that once hyperinflation inflation hit, the printing press needs to go into overdrive and the game is over. Louis notes that the Federal reserve has been able to maintain confidence in their ability to sustain confidence and to pay down the debt with more debt. Louis notes that once confidence is lost it is lost quickly. Louis notes that a 30 year low interest mortgage is a good bargain. Louis notes that rates are artificially low and therefore the low rates are a bargain. Louis notes that all currencies are tied to the US dollar so the US dollar acts as an anchor even though the US dollar is not backed by anything. Louis notes that the US went of the gold

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