Grand Theft Mortgage: WSJ Opinion

American Enterprise Institute fellow Ed Pinto on California cities that want to seize and refinance mortgages under the auspices of eminent domain. Photo: As…
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7 Responses to “Grand Theft Mortgage: WSJ Opinion”

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  2. Larry Lechel says:

    They are underwater not stuck in a horrible mortgage! If they were in a rising value market the would not give the gains to the bond holder. Come on now.

  3. AmplificationProject says:

    The mortgage crisis remains an incredibly important, yet grossly misunderstood, topic. I think advocates and and experts need to find ways to reach a broader audience to help citizens understand it better.

  4. swankrecords says:

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  5. msoviet409 says:

    Out of the recession were born new “inventions” that help their creators to make quick bucks and fly away without leaving traces.

  6. 123japanuser says:

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  7. THESTOONKA says:


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