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August 25, 2005, Suning Electrical and Merchants Bank announced, following Beijing, Chengdu, the Suning CMB Joining launch of the “zero down payment” consumer credit business in September appliances rapidly across the country began to promote. First 12 pilot cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Suzhou and other key cities are included, covering almost all the major consumer of Chinese business circle. China Merchants Bank has specifically developed a POS credit card machine application and management process, making consumers Suning Marketplace Stage and the general credit card consumer credit card spending as simple and quick. One of the protagonists of this cooperation, investment banks Credit card Ji-Wei, general manager, said: “Although the bills while ago a similar line of individual cities to promote the business, but throughout the country such as Suning big move is the first time, is truly a national premiere. Taking into account the large-scale promotion of the country and the difficulty of operating Risk , Looking for a chain network throughout the country, Marketing Model of modern, internal management practices, consumer companies with high reputation has been co-CMB Credit Card Center’s work. Suning Appliance timely there is no doubt provide us with a perfect Partners . Great with Suning Appliance Client Department of communication, we understand the convenience of our customers purchase electrical appliances in Suning, Suning also looking for more than 60 cities across the country step by step more than 200 stores to promote zero-down payment installment business solutions. Preliminary contacts, the two sides will soon enter the stage of substantive negotiations. For this cooperation, both high-level Leadership Have attached great importance to personally intervene on many occasions. In the end, only two days on the two sides reached a final cooperation agreement, indeed intertwined. ” According to my understanding from the Merchants Bank customer service hotline, compared to previously Real estate , The automotive industry there have been “zero down payment”, Suning Appliance zero down payment business CMB is characterized by the greatest barriers to entry low, to buy electrical appliances without category restrictions, consumer credit card program to facilitate easy. To join this business, consumers in the local Suning stores to buy any electrical appliances, as long as the consumer can enjoy over 1,500 yuan China Merchants Bank credit card installment business. Transaction price and direct payment, the same, no down payment, payment mode selected within six no additional interest payments. Installment card with China Merchants Bank Suning rapidly nationwide promotion, consumers nationwide will be able to enjoy at Suning, “zero down payment” to buy appliances convenience. By equivalent consumption, characterized in advance to enjoy zero-down payment home appliances consumer era has arrived! Suning see the author so interested in credit card installments CMB, China Merchants Bank customer service officer a detailed description of the zero down payment, zero interest rate hire purchase home appliances mode of operation. Suning Logo printed hold the China Merchants Bank credit card installments, the cardholder to choose a store any of the local value of Suning 1500? 30,000 yuan of electrical products, you can opt for payment by installments installments points 3, 6, 12 of three. To six payments as an example (in 6 months to pay off), the cardholder to purchase the following month from the start, in just under a month before the designated credit card bill payments to repay 1 / 6 of the amount would require a total continuous also 6 (6 months), do not pay any interest. If a cardholder’s billing date is 25, he handled the 26th installment business, then his first 50 days after the date of payment will be very convenient for consumers to purchase your favorite appliances. Related links: 1) Shopping Stage is how consumers, merchants and banks win. On businesses, the addition of a functioning capital into the settlement platform, distinct from Competition Means of competitive differentiation rivals, the most suitable for price-sensitive potential customers, boost real consumer spending and a one-time recovery of money. For the cardholder, the non-payment of interest, and enjoy a very convenient method of payment in advance has a favorite appliances, a reasonable balance between individual Finance . For banks, for the cardholder to provide a specified purpose and the corresponding amount of credit, installment equal installments of principal, access to certain service charge (Suning paid), can serve three purposes. 2) Introduction of Suning Appliance Suning Appliance is 3C (home appliances, Computer Communication)

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