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A House in Vancouver – Daily Dancer sings about the Vancouver housing market

Daily Dancer sings about the Vancouver housing market in 2012. Lyrics by D and V. Will housing prices ever go down? Well, there’s a hopeful crowd that’s stickin’ around And there are many like me, with good job and good pay Who can not afford a house in Vancouver [C'mon, even a small condo is [...]

FED Knew About LIBOR Scandal in 2007

“The New York Federal Reserve on Friday released documents showing it knew banks were manipulating a key interest rate more than four years ago. The documents, which date back to 2007, show that the Fed became fully aware that banks were lying about their borrowing costs when setting Libor, and chose to take no action [...]

David Lukas, CMPS talks about achieving the lowest mortgage rate possible.

David Lukas, CMPS addresses the most common question that is asked by a consumer when they begin the mortgage process: “What is your interest rate?” David also talks about what dictates mortgage rates and what causes them to fluctuate. David explains why achieving the “lowest” interest rate can be elusive. In addition, learn what qualities [...]

Truths and Facts About Home Equity Loans

When considering a home equity loan, we must first know exactly what it is, how to use it, what it is good for and what not to do, if we desire to keep on the safe side and not jeopardize our credit ratings. Find out then, how you can use a home equity loan and [...]

Learn About Refinance Mortgage

Article by Micheal Coley To understand a refinance mortgage loan, we need to clearly understand the meaning of a mortgage loan. A mortgage is a generic term for a loan which is secured against a property. Once the loan is repaid, the lien from the property [...]

Questions About Loan Modification?

Article by Anthony Dean A Loan Modification from a mortgage lender is a permanent change in borrower’s loan. Loan modifications allow a mortgage to be reinstated allowing the borrower an affordable mortgage payment. A true loan modification will offer a long term solution typically resulting in [...]

All About Mortgage Payment Calculator

Most individuals only go to the banking corporate and ask what to do when they would like to buy a house and do not understand the process. An online mortgage payment calculator is a great tool to help novices and even experts, gain cognition of your mortgage defrayment. Such mortgage payment calculator are free online [...]

What You Need To Know About Home Equity Loans

Article by James Copper A home equity loan is a popular and attractive source of borrowing for thousands of people. Part of the reason people think first of a home equity loan when they need a substantial sum of money is that home equity loans are [...]

What You Need to Know About Fixed Rate Mortgages

Article by Kristie Lorette When you’re buying your first home, establishing the mortgage financing can be a dizzying experience. Fixed rate mortgages seem to many like the best option, but mortgage financing is not a one-size-fits-all financial decision. Before you make a decision either way, find out what [...]

The Top Seven Myths About Loan Modifications

Article by Raffy Boulgourjian As a real estate attorney for more than 10 years, the recent economic downturn has brought dozens fearful and distressed homeowners to my office. In all my consultations, I have heard many beliefs about what can be accomplished in applying for a loan modification. [...]

All One Needs to Know About No Down Payment Car Insurance

Article by Franchis Adam Nowadays a car is more than necessity than an extravagance in this highly multifarious and mobile society. Particularly, the need for a car becomes more demanding in a state where the transportation is not developed. In societies with poor public transportation system, it is [...]

Highlights about Obama Loan Modification and Mortgage Refinance Plans

Many people are facing problem for paying the monthly installments of their home loan. With recent economic crisis, it has become very difficult for the people to make the ends meet. It obviously becomes troublesome for the people to manage their household and pay the installments. In such case, loan modification is one of the [...]

All About Getting The Auto Insurance No Down Payment Option

Article by Lance Thorington The world of insurance is a complicated one to conquer. With all the different terminologies and various features being offered in the market today, the simple search for the one that works with the needs at hand becomes more than a taxing and lengthy [...]