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Trulia Real Estate Android App

Perfect for buyers, renters and general lovers of all things real estate. Real Estate search and discovery has never been so easy! Trulia’s top-rated real estate app instantly shows you a map of nearby homes for sale, open houses, or apartments for rent. You can easily adjust search filters to find real estate listings that [...]

Real Estate Woes: The Subprime Mortgage Crisis by CAP With each passing release of housing-related data, the picture becomes bleaker for the estimated 1.8 million homeowners with subprime mortgages whose interest rates have reset this year or are due to reset before the end of next year. Many of these borrowers and their families hold the 22 percent of adjustable rate subprime loans [...]

Street Interviews – Future Real Estate Investors?

Please visit our new channel here We will no longer be updating this channel. Thank you. Young investors are much more eager to jump into the real estate market, according to new Millionaire Corner research that indicates older investors remain cautious due to substantial losses suffered during the housing crisis. More than 60 [...]

Warren Buffett’s Real Estate Forecast Helpful Hint Why is Warren Buffett Excited about Real Estate Investing? Industry Update: FHA Rumors – Fee Schedule Going Up in April Marketing Tip: Don’t Miss Your Shot to Make Great Money with Real Estate Follow Us: Like Us: Video Rating: 0 / 5 Coming in Fall 2012, The Bubble asks [...]

6.4.12 (Part 1) Real Estate 360 Live With Louis Cammarosano – Are US Treasuries a Safe Haven?

Louis notes that the “flight to safety” still involves buying US Treasuries even though the US owes over trillion and notes that the Fed will continue to do quantitative easing and keep interest rates low. Louis notes that even though this methodology can be viewed as “kicking the can down the road” and that road [...]

Toronto Canada Real Estate Market, July 2010

Toronto, Canada real estate market news update July 2010. Real estate news: future trends, forecast, housing starts, GDP, labor force, bank of canada, mortgage, rates, treb, leading indicators, housing market, average resale prices, and rental market. You can find out more by visiting: http and “toronto canada” “canada toronto” “canada canadian” “real estate” “real [...]

Mortgage Payout Penalties – Grant Wiebe’s Kelowna Real Estate Video Blog

When paying out your mortgage early as a result of selling your property or in an effort to secure a lower rate, many people assume that they will have to pay a payout penalty of 3 months interest. The reality in today’s market with falling mortgage rates is that the penalty may be much more [...]

Real Estate Tips: The Stock Market & Mortgage Rates

NE Title of Tewksbury, MA talks about whether the stock market might have an impact on mortgage rates. Video Rating: 5 / 5

7.25.11 (Part 1) Real Estate Radio with Louis Cammarosano

Ryan discusses the heat wave that is gripping the nation. Louis and Ryan discuss the debt ceiling and the lack of a deal to date. Ryan notes that there is tremendous uncertainty. Louis notes that a signal should have been sent to the market that the US would not default on its debt and would [...]

This Month In Real Estate (US) March 2011 Our top story this month a jump in mortgage rates puts pressure on buyers to act now. Video Rating: 5 / 5

Bellevue / Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rate Watch 1/18/2011 Bellevue / Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rate Watch: Rates move higher this morning on NEWS that China was a NET seller of Treasuries in November.

Seattle / Bellevue Real Estate Mortgage Rate Watch 11/19/10 Seattle / Bellevue Real Estate Mortgage Rate Watch: Where will rates go? Well that all remains on economic data from the United States and Foreign Markets for the moment. In the now, economic which is good will pressure rates higher as the word inflation emerges. Globally, China is really in the now news, they [...]

Loan Modification – Part 2: Home Mortgage Bailout – Real Estate Foreclosure Prevention Process

Loan Modification Attorneys Negotiate Home Mortgage Bailout – Foreclosure Assistance Plan – Real Estate Foreclosure Prevention Alternative To Fraud and Scams. RealEstateMarketingThisWeek.comm Will Help You Survive The Mortgage Meltdown Crisis by Modifying Your Home Loan. Avoid Foreclosure and Bankruptcy. Get Your Bailout Today. At http You Can Claim Your FREE Copy of My Latest Report: [...]