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The End of the Middle Class America !, Even The Suburbs Not Safe From FORECLOSURE ! Even The Suburbs Not Safe From FORECLOSURE ! Middle Class Walking Away From Homes Video Rating: 4 / 5 The age old debate continues. There is plenty in the media about the Evils of Mortgage Brokers. Recently HUD cam out with a 270 Page report stating borrowers got better deals on average from banks [...]

Trying to STOP FORECLOSURE? Our COPYRIGHTED SYSTEM has a 100% SUCCESS RATE. (Stop Foreclosure now), For many of you who have been turned down for a refinance, loan modification or short sale, we may be YOUR LAST SOLUTION. Through years of intense research, we have discovered and developed a step by step program to save your home from foreclosure, without refinancing, credit counseling, loan modification specialists [...]

In Foreclosure and Want to Keep Your Home? Try a Short Refinance..

Article by Marlon Baugh This is definitely one of the big banks and lenders best kept secrets. But with the recent increase in foreclosures and the tightening of lender guidelines, which makes it even harder to qualify in today’s market for a refinance, and not to [...]

Foreclosure Reversal Hits CA Market! by Mike Munzing httpDon’t miss the latest results on my updated Foreclosure Report For California. For a broad range of mortgage information, check out my site at: Mike Munzing 949-689-5626 MUNZING MORTGAGE GROUP Video Rating: 5 / 5

Loan Modification – Part 2: Home Mortgage Bailout – Real Estate Foreclosure Prevention Process

Loan Modification Attorneys Negotiate Home Mortgage Bailout – Foreclosure Assistance Plan – Real Estate Foreclosure Prevention Alternative To Fraud and Scams. RealEstateMarketingThisWeek.comm Will Help You Survive The Mortgage Meltdown Crisis by Modifying Your Home Loan. Avoid Foreclosure and Bankruptcy. Get Your Bailout Today. At http You Can Claim Your FREE Copy of My Latest Report: [...]

The Possibility of Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure

Article by Mortgage Guru Reverse mortgage and home equity loan are two very different things. A reverse mortgage is similar to a loan advance. Generally as long as the borrower lives in the home, the borrower may not be required to repay the loan. This particular option is [...]