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How Low Will Rates & Prices Get? Waiting for Mortgage & Housing Bottom The most common question we hear at the “shop” for the last two years is by far, “how much lower do you think home prices or r…

Panic Begins To Grip UK Housing Market As The Bubble Pops

UK house prices have fallen for three months in a row while in August UK mortgage lending dropped to a 10-year low of billion. It looks as though the UK housing bubble is finally bursting after a massive double top in the market, the classic technical indicator of a coming big drop back to previous [...]

Partners in Housing: Multifamily Preservation Training Lesson 1 07/19/12

Lesson 1: Preserving Affordable Multifamily Housing This training is designed for owners of properties with HUD mortgages and/or rental assistance. Senior level executive management company staff charged with asset management of HUD multifamily properties are also welcome. This training will focus on properties with HUD insured or Direct loans (including Section 236, Section 221(d)(3) and [...]

A House in Vancouver – Daily Dancer sings about the Vancouver housing market

Daily Dancer sings about the Vancouver housing market in 2012. Lyrics by D and V. Will housing prices ever go down? Well, there’s a hopeful crowd that’s stickin’ around And there are many like me, with good job and good pay Who can not afford a house in Vancouver [C'mon, even a small condo is [...]

Interest rate cuts will NOT spark housing market

BOD41. Spruikers saying mortgage rate cuts will spark a housing rebound are marketing. I present tables that show mortgage rate cuts will have little impact on housing affordability.

Silver & Housing: House Prices in Silver, Gold, Wheat, Corn, Soy; Market Cycles BUCHAN BULL VLOG 7.1

**Notes: Housing prices are all in CDN 2010 $ $ , commodities at historical prices (ie. no inflation adjustment) converted to CND at the historical average annual rate. Commodity prices are at historical annual averages, as are the exchange rates, so I am not picking the highest or lowest point in the cycle, just an [...]

2011 Housing Market Outlook Ed Jacob, Neighborhood Housing of Chicago

2011 Housing Market Outlook, Mortgage Rates, Foreclosure, Property Values, Robo Signers, Loan Modifications, HAMP Program, Hardest Hit Fund, Umemployed Homeowners Video Rating: 0 / 5 Mortgage market and interest rate commentary from Bruce Brown, CMPS with Pulaski Bank Home Lending and radio host of Dollars and Homes on KCMO Talk Radio 710 in Kansas City. [...]

Housing Outlook – Low Mortgage Rates Make This Great Time to Buy Home – Bloomberg

Interview with Toll Brothers CFO Joel Rassman (Bloomberg News) Tyron Coleman will go over the features in an Adjustable Rate Mortgage. Tyron Coleman is a mortgage expert and Mortgage Professional Instructor with Kaplan Professional Schools in Colorado. Adjustable rate mortgage rates do change. Adjustable rate mortgage have two main features, a margin and an index [...]

Housing report: Why longer term mortgage rates are rising

Bernard Hickey delivers a housing report in association with ASB, including a look at this chart showing where longer term mortgage rate are likely to be heading. This chart shows wholesale interest rates and how they’ve been on a slowly rising trend in recent months despite the Official Cash Rate being on hold. This has [...]

Housing: Proposed rules for mortgages sobering

Housing: Proposed rules for mortgages sobering WASHINGTON – Read more on Arizona Daily Star News Briefs HOME BUILDING DOWN The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation said Friday that so far this year, 15 single-detached homes are in the preliminary stages of construction, 50% less than the same period last year.[...] Read more on The Sudbury [...]