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Home Loan Santa Monica CA | CLICK FOR GREAT RATE | Mortgage Lender Santa Monica CA

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HIstorically Low Mortgage Rates for Buyers – Craig Hamilton, Remax Eastern Realty Lakefield Ontario – Major banks offering historically low mortgage rates creates major advantages for home buyers. Craig Hamilton of Remax Eastern in La…

Mortgage Rates – market over-correction or a sign of things to come?

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Churchill Mortgage Weekly Market Update for Interest Rates – June 4th, 2012

Churchill Mortgage Weekly Market Update for Interest Rates – June 4th, 2012 Video Rating: 5 / 5 Video Rating: 0 / 5

How Low Will Rates & Prices Get? Waiting for Mortgage & Housing Bottom The most common question we hear at the “shop” for the last two years is by far, “how much lower do you think home prices or r…

Grand Theft Mortgage: WSJ Opinion

American Enterprise Institute fellow Ed Pinto on California cities that want to seize and refinance mortgages under the auspices of eminent domain. Photo: As… Video Rating: 5 / 5 CLICK HERE———- Need a home loan in Rosemont CA? We can help! We are your Internet source for home loans of all types… Video Rating: 0 [...]

English banks spying on profligate mortgage holders Banks in England have admitted monitoring the spending habits of their mortgage holders. Through secret credit checks, banks targeted customers who may be at risk of default if interest rates rise. They are advising consumers to cut spending and prioritize their mortgage… before it’s too late. The banks argue the program is working. But [...]

Zero down mortgage products Vancouver BC with mortgage broker Mark Fidgett In Vancouver Canada you need to prove income to qualify for a zero down mortgage and you need to have good credit. 1. You pay posted rates instead of a discounted rate. 2. The cash is given to you at closing allowing you to put it as the 5% down payment. 3. You need [...]

Real Estate Woes: The Subprime Mortgage Crisis by CAP With each passing release of housing-related data, the picture becomes bleaker for the estimated 1.8 million homeowners with subprime mortgages whose interest rates have reset this year or are due to reset before the end of next year. Many of these borrowers and their families hold the 22 percent of adjustable rate subprime loans [...]

Wells Fargo Lowers minimum Credit Scores on their MORTGAGE loans!

Credit scores 500 – 579 minimum down payment of 10% required. Credit scores 580 – 599 minimum down payment of 5% required. Credit scores of 600 and higher minimum down paymennt of 3.5% required. If you have any questions or are interested in getting pre approved please contact me and I will connect you with [...]

Austin Mortgage Update – Spring 09

Austin, Texas Real Estate Agent Kenn Renner of BuyAustin.Com and Kenton Brown, Vice President of Sente Mortgage discuss the current mortgage climate of Austin, TX. Topics include buying vs. renting, opportunities for buyers, and federal tax assistance for first time home buyers. For a transcript of this video, go to AUSTIN, TX, April 09, [...]

Who is My Mortgage Underwriter? Hi, everyone. How are you? It’s Leah Coss with The Mortgage Center, and I wanted to go over the interesting question of, “Who the heck is this underwriter, and why is my future in their hands?” Well, the underwriter, plainly and simply, is basically the people on the forefront for the lenders that we, [...]

Future Mortgage Crisis in Australia?

With the RBA dropping rates significantly Australia seems to be avoiding the existing financial crisis, or are we being set up for an Australian Version of the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis?