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17. Callable Bonds and the Mortgage Prepayment Option

Financial Theory (ECON 251) This lecture is about optimal exercise strategies for callable bonds, which are bonds bundled with an option that allows the borrower to pay back the loan early, if she chooses. Using backward induction, we calculate the borrower’s optimal strategy and the value of the option. As with the simple examples in [...]

Home Equity Loans: A Low Cost Option For Financial Assistance

Article by Dina Wilson Your home may yield a much comfortable option to avail a financial help. The equity of your home can be used to arrange a good sum for your needs. You can find this option very comfortable; as such borrowers are always preferred [...]

Checking the Option of Fixed-Rate Mortgage When Buying a House

Article by Jordan Rice AS you look at your option on mortgages, you will find that there are a lot of mortgages that you can avail. Each mortgage hav it’s own advantages and challenges, it’s up to you to determine what is effective and appropriate for you considering [...]

Auto Insurance Online Purchase And How To Find An Auto Insurance No Down Payment Option

Article by Randolph Summitt Customers who would like to go about an auto insurance online purchase may find that it is easier than they thought. Companies who deal with policies are making it easier than ever to create applications for drivers and have them approved right away. Auto [...]

Option ARM Reset to higher mortgage rates 2010-2012

Option ARM Mortgages Reset to higher mortgage rates This video short is a response with Chart of resets to Second Wave Banking crisis 2010 -2012 Video Rating: 4 / 5

All About Getting The Auto Insurance No Down Payment Option

Article by Lance Thorington The world of insurance is a complicated one to conquer. With all the different terminologies and various features being offered in the market today, the simple search for the one that works with the needs at hand becomes more than a taxing and lengthy [...]

When a Fixed Rate Mortgage is the Best Option

Article by Kristie Lorette Mortgages are not one-size-fits all financing options. The type of mortgage that is right for your neighbor may be disastrous for your personal financial situation. Also, there is a major misconception that fixed rate mortgages are always the best option. Always is a strong [...]

Online Retailing Amazon Vs Ebay. Selling on Amazon or Selling on Ebay? Which is the Best Option for Online Vendors (part 1)

With Amazon increasing more 30% every year on 3rd party sales and recent news of layoffs in eBay, the question of selling on eBay or selling on Amazon is more important to online sellers now than ever. The economic slowdown and financial crisis has also made e-commerce vendors take a much closer look on listing [...]

Home Equity Loans vs Home Equity Line Of Credit – Which Option Should You Choose?

Article by Carrie Reeder Tapping into your home equity loans qualifies you for low rates with the potential benefit of tax write offs. Lenders have developed a number of financing solutions for you, each with their own pros and cons. Home equity loans provide low rates with some [...]

Understanding The Advantages Of An Option Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Article by Reinaldo Finch Getting a mortgage for your home means that there are many different possible options. An option ARM, or adjustable rate mortgage is one possibility available for financing your new home. This mortgage gives you flexibility in the way you meet your monthly payments. Here [...]