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How To Save Money On Your Mortgage Part II – Understandably, when most home buyers look for a mortgage, their top priority is to get the lowest monthly payment. But it’s a better idea to look at how much it’s going to cost you over the long term, in both interest payments and fees. By looking at these costs, you can save a [...]

Home Equity Loans – Do They Really Save You Cash?

Article by Steven James Home equity loans and lines of credit usually are repaid in a shorter period than first mortgages. Home equity loans are attractive to borrowers for a few main reasons:They typically have a lower interest rate (or APR)They are easier to qualify for [...]

Find Exclusive Mortgage Refinance Firms & Save Good Money

The term refinancing to mortgage means to pay off your any existing loan and to replace it with your new loan. Whenever you will apply for a new secured loan for paying off your another different loan that is basically secured against your same assets, property etc. If your already existing original loan had any [...]

Mortgage Refinance Loan – How Much Money Can it Really Save You?

The home mortgage refinance loan is a good alternative to foreclosure and bankruptcy and is a viable option to regain some ground in your financial situation. The home mortgage refinance loan is a complete and total replacement of the mortgage that you currently have. There are times, when the current mortgage that is on the [...]

Refinance loans to save substantial money

Article by Jessica Bennet Refinance loans have emerged out to be as the most sought out after solutions in past decade or two. The basis of refinance loans solutions is by working around for a lower interest rate solution and powering it to help the finances of the [...]

How to save money if you got denied for a loan modification

Article by Professor Loan Mod Energy tax credit about to expire Part 1 freeHAMPreport,is not just about foreclosures, loan modifications and other news related to housing but we want to keep our readers informed on ways to save especially if you are current on your home but need [...]

Loan Modification Help Center ? Can a Loan Modification Save Your Marriage

Statistics show that divorce happens more often due to financial troubles than anything else.  Sexual challenges, family issues, health issues and other areas are all less important to a healthy marriage than solid financial footing. One of the biggest areas of stress for any couple is buying a home and keeping it.  There are four [...]

A San Diego Refinance Can Save You Thousands

Article by Samudra Khan San Diego is a big coastal city and very popular as a place to settle down in. The business opportunities are promising, education and family life is encouraging and the value of real estate property is higher than most other cities around the country. [...]

Mayer: Lowering Mortgage Rates Will Save Taxpayers Money

Columbia Business School Professor Chris Mayer discusses why his plan with Dean Glenn Hubbard to lower mortgage rates will not only provide a sizeable economic stimulus but also stem the decline in house prices, protecting the government — and taxpayers — from future losses. “Fundamentally, our proposal is about restoring normally functioning credit markets,” says [...]