Warren Buffett’s Real Estate Forecast

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www.thebubblefilm.com Coming in Fall 2012, The Bubble asks the experts who predicted the current recession, “What happened and why?” Diving deep into the true causes of the financial crisis, renowned economists, investors and business leaders explain what America is facing if we don’t learn from our past mistakes. The film poses the question: “Is the economy really improving or are we just blowing up another Bubble?”
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24 Responses to “Warren Buffett’s Real Estate Forecast”

  1. jme6141994 says:

    Really, did you learn that from the magic mirror? Now, get out there and spend some money whether you have it or not.

  2. Romper Room says:

    All these experts constantly running around telling anyone who will listen that disaster is looming ARE NOT helping anything. Folks, the economy is driven by you and I, not the gov’t. Every time you choose not to buy something because you’re afraid, you slow down the economy that much more. If things continue to be bad, it’s entirely because people are afraid to purchase good and services. Period.

  3. SIR1CHIA says:

    Why couldn’t one of these guys be a president… Oh yeah they would be shot!

  4. CurtHowland says:

    When the hyperinflation hits, at least have the fortitude to apologize.
    You want a time prediction? The Europeans are buying dollars right now, exactly as they did in 2000 before the Euro was instituted. After the Euro collapses OR stabilizes OR whatever is going to happen in Europe finally happens, and they go to sell their dollars like they started doing in 2001, then watch prices climb like crazy.
    India is already using gold instead of the petrodollar.
    The collapse will be very fast.

  5. GuntherL1 says:

    gold seller? He has a precious metals company, but that is an entirely different thing.

  6. win32mfc says:

    Awesome! It’s nice to see the faces of Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers and Doug Casey, among others. This is looking to be a good film!

  7. myusernameisluc says:

    Can you point to an Austrian economist that has predicted hyperinflation within a specific time-frame, and can you be specific as to who exactly predicted what 12 would-be recessions?

  8. newparadigmtime says:

    Only Jim Rogers could pull off those stock chart suspenders.

  9. TheBubbleFilm says:

    On the balanced perspective: We could have interviewed some low level Keynesian economists and torn them to shreds. Instead, we paid a lot of money for the footage of the world’s most famous economists of multiple schools. The Austrian economists that we interviewed beat them on both theory and their track record of predicting crises. Our film shows their side to a general public who has only seen one side, the side their government told them in school.

  10. deahunt says:

    part of the problem with forecasting bad things is that what seems horrible to guys like Jim Rogers goes unnoticed by most people, or can, for a very long time.

  11. mengelmoesNL says:

    I prefer gold sellers over paper sellers.

  12. michaelpshipley1 says:

    This economic crisis is like tumor growing on your pancreas. You don’t feel it until it’s too late, then you die. It’s too late.

  13. voogru says:

    They need to all be facepalming. lol

  14. MsH1h1h1h1 says:

    I knew it would be a Peter schiff thing, the gold seller

  15. MayonR says:

    It’s almost time to just hunker down. Get prepared for the inevitable. If we were to do what we are supposed to do, it would take years to get back to stability and it would be at a huge cost. And my view is if we did this China would start asking we pay back the debt which is going to happen. Our leaders have pretty much sold off America. Get ready just in case it happens soon while you still can. Pay off all debt. Save non perishable food, and ready your finances for currency collapse.

  16. MayonR says:

    The collapse at this point is inevitable unless spending were to be cut and production stimulated. Since it isn’t happening it’s pretty much a sure thing. We might be even getting close to the point of no return. I can pretty much guess what is in the film by some of Bush’s statements and no doubt that part will mention Glas Steagel repealments that Clinton started. Yea I think “when” is actually a fair statement. Probably when China pulls out the rug.

  17. WallStForMainSt says:

    Because the mainsteam media and the Progressive/Statist (fake liberal since they don’t like liberty, left) would never give us the courtesy of even being allowed to participate in a debate or discussion so we have to make our own content.

  18. werthersoriginal22 says:

    that was terrible

  19. HaroldRehling says:

    By “balanced” do you mean to include the perspectives of people who not only didn’t see the bubble and collapse coming but actually thought the inflating bubble was a good economic indicator?

  20. adulby says:

    Big fan here but try not to sensationalize “when” the collapse comes. It sounds like a marketing scheme when we are told to be “scared”. Nothing wrong with putting effort into spreading the message but if you try and take advantage of people’s emotions the credibility of any movement is going to be at stake. Focus on the facts rather than feelings.

  21. deahunt says:

    when you watch a so called “balanced” presentation, how can you be sure that it includes all views and facts you wish to consider? would it not be simpler to approach all things with the same degree of critical thinking and an independent mind? no person writes or speaks without a bias of some kind, even if unaware or unintentional.

  22. xcvsdxvsx says:

    Étienne de La Boétie answered this question the best i think. “I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break in pieces.” you dont have to “defeat” the elites, you only have to stop fighting their wars for them as well as convince others to do the same and to spread the message themselves.

  23. MrTommyguns1986 says:

    Well i correct myself not everyone knos free markets work and u guys are doing incredible work im just concerned about how openly criminal our gov is being right now

  24. MrTommyguns1986 says:

    I really do love u guys but your big flaw is being timid and naive about the whole situation we all know free markets work, the problem is our gov has been hijacked and is criminal and wil take all the fortunes made off the fiat bubble buy hard assets , and kill 90 percent of us , we are in too deep of shit to just say there stupid and were right, the big question is weve been hijacked what do we do

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