How Credit Scores Impact Mortgage Applications:

How do credit scores impact mortgage applications? Credit scores measure debt and your ability to pay back loans Especially today, your credit score will determine your mortgage and interest rate. What credit score should you have and how can you improve your credit score and get the best interest rate for your mortgage? Watch this Expert Real Estate Tips segment for information on credit scores, mortgage applications, and how to improve your credit score and credit history.

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5 Responses to “How Credit Scores Impact Mortgage Applications:”

  1. RayAir1 says:

    Don’t buy a house just yet. Home prices are expected to drop another 20% (and maybe more) by 2013.

  2. jennel802009 says:

    Why would you hike an interest rate on someone with a low credit score anyways?

  3. ExpertRealEstateTips says:

    @dmanagua Thanks for watching and participating in the conversation

  4. dmanagua says:

    I hate how all the news now is noting that blacks and hispanics are getting denies for loans because of their race. they are not considering the poor financial planning of these groups nor the low amount of credit due to few revolving lines. btw, i’m hispanic and my credit score is 760+

  5. anthonybodo says:

    My credit score is under my mattress.
    Bla bla bla
    Credit score is for banks to suck your money.
    The lower the credit score the more money they take from you because they can charge a higher rate
    This whole thing is another banking scheme


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