Mortgage Modification How to lower Mortgage payments!

Mortgage Modification How to lower Mortgage payments! Eddie is a great friend of mine from MDL Consulting, We teamed up to teach about the wild world of Loan / Mortgage Modifications. Take advantage of low interest rates on Loans. Shoot him an email for details.

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  1. mollykjody says:

    james kwak, is he married, he is kind of cute. a guy like that seems like a good guy

  2. BarackMcBush says:

    Obama: If this Tragedy causes a Debate ,Let’s Make Sure it is the Same Worth as of those Who were Lost.

  3. BarackMcBush says:

    Obama: ‘What we can’t do is use this tragedy as one more occasion to turn on each other.

  4. romanmir01 says:

    Most of what USA was during the 20th century was built in 19th, and you are dissing it. Well, no surprise, the entire establishment is aimed at un-educating people about their own history and economy and politics.

    Gov’t today exists solely for itself, for its own enrichment by force and threat of violence through the protection racket of monopolies, which are the backbone of all gov’t programs AND it exists because it’s destroying the currency of the people.

    Get out of USD.

  5. romanmir01 says:

    USA wasn’t an imperial nation at that time, it didn’t wage wars upon other countries, it was the biggest producer of consumer goods, why else do you think the dollar became MORE expensive and things became CHEAPER during the 19 century?

    Deflation is EXCELLENT for economy, it’s jokers like Bernanke that say otherwise. Of-course nobody actually experienced deflation since the 1913, when Fed was created and started printing and setting interest rates and buying gov’t debt.

  6. romanmir01 says:

    only 3 staple foods, people mostly ate 1 time a day, food was expensive and not very good, expensive medical care, expensive clothing, expensive energy, expensive housing.

    During the 19 century the dollar went up as USA became more and more productive. By the end of 19 century USA had: cheap and safe food (safe due to free market’s ideas like refrigeration,) indoor plumbing, cheap clothing, energy, communications, cars even. Even airplanes were built first before 1913 (the Fed)

  7. romanmir01 says:

    There were recessions, more than 10 in USA in 19 century. But the TOTAL improvement of quality of life was immense, I’d argue that 19 century did more in terms of total improvement of quality of life than 20th for USA.

    Look, at the beginning of 19 century most of USA was subsistence farmers, there were pretty much no factories, there was no steam power, no electricity, no radio, no telegraph, no phone, no machines, no airplanes, no trains, no autos, no indoor plumbing, ctd

  8. romanmir01 says:

    You are extremely wrong. In 19 century USA was the first country in the world to move towards innovation and automation, usage of machines in the factories, when in fact throughout Europe there was almost a revolution against it (ever heard of the social movement lead by a guy named Ned Ludd?

    Look at what was accomplished during the 19 century: USD was 2x as expensive by the end of it as it was in the beginning. USA was a net exporter of consumer goods, like China today ctd

  9. johnedwards1968 says:

    What did the US do during the 19th century? They were not a prominent nation internationally until after World War 1 for crying out loud.

    The 10 worst recessions(except for 2) in history for the US, happened during the 19th century! What in the hell are you talking about?

  10. ecwaufisxtreme says:

    In the Palination, if any large bank dares screw with the ordinary people, she will UNLEASH the WRATH and FURY of GOD HERSELF onto that bank and DESTROY it just like Jesus destroyed the Temple!

  11. lordcheetah says:

    I don’t disagree.

  12. romanmir01 says:

    “I knew it” – no you didn’t. You still don’t. You don’t know any single thing about my education. You still do not know any single thing about my education. You also do not know any single thing about me and you are making these comments on it, which are all retarded and irrelevant to the points made.

    You have not a single comment on the subject, you THINK you got me on something, which is hilarious.

  13. Firestorm6X6 says:

    hahah I knew it :D
    You didnt study economics at no university :D :D :D

    Gotta love the “experts” in the youtube comments section.

  14. romanmir01 says:

    You have no idea about my education :) You have nothing to say with regard to my statements, so you are attacking me on the basis of some contrived notion about my education, what a gyp.

  15. Firestorm6X6 says:

    From your incoherent ramblings I conclude that you certainly did not go to any real university to study economics. I am soooo certain that you dont have an economics bachelor or master, its not even funny :D . Everybody can quote some vulgar Chicago/Austrian school BS. You dont know shit, and I’m calling you out.

  16. Rich Hart says:

    ugh … Anyone else incredibly depressed after watching this interview?… man, I need a drink!

  17. romanmir01 says:

    How about your growing up yourself. USA should stop being a crying child – oh, China is hurting me up the ass. Oh, Europe is not printing enough Euros.

    How about actually doing what USA DID DO during the 19 century.

    Being honest with you? How about you be honest about this simple fact – you cannot wait for somebody to wipe your ass.

    USA WAS the biggest producer and innovator in the world before 1913 – when the Fed was created and USA started on the road of its destruction.

  18. johnedwards1968 says:

    Be honest, the market CANNOT exist in a free enough state for you. You will always use the government, or some other vague excuse, why your ideology just doesn’t work.

    People exist as members of a society. This necessarily forces rules on individuals. Be an adult, and deal with it.

  19. MyTemporaryAccount88 says:

    Oh joy, I was 100% sure there’d be another crash and this bill sucked. Now I’m 110% sure.

  20. Ragitsu says:


    Summers is a Jewish surname?

  21. romanmir01 says:

    Except that the country is COMPLETELY devoid of any free market ideology, the country is taken over by gov’t and their preferred corporations colluding and has nothing to do with free market.

    Both, the gov’t and corporations that gov’t props up HATE free market, because free market will cost them their jobs, as it should.

  22. DoctrinaBytes says:

    Its that kind of radical free market ideology that will ruin this country even further. Good going!!!!

  23. romanmir01 says:

    The fundamentals of the gov’t regulated economy are completely wrong.

    Gov’t cannot regulate market. It must not regulate market. The only correct way for market to work is by complete lack of regulation.

    Not partial lack of regulation + gov’t subsidies + gov’t insurance + gov’t monopoly protection + gov’t setting interest rates + gov’t printing etc.etc.


    The only way to have a stable economy is to FORBID gov’t from participating in it at all, so it can’t fuck it up like now.

  24. romanmir01 says:

    Using MODELS to set capital requirements.

    What a FUCKED UP way to do business! Totally bureaucratic in nature, totally Keynesian, assumes that somebody has an understanding of all the variables in the economy. Nobody does. Gov’t not only doesn’t have understanding, they are COOKING THEIR BOOKS THEMSELVES.

    You are upset with banks cooking their books? All gov’t books are cooked. CPI – what a joke. What a fucking joke aimed at economic RETARDS.

  25. romanmir01 says:

    There should be no BANS on ANYTHING except for ban on gov’t fucking up the economy every day!

    Gov’t should be BANNED from printing money, from setting short term interest, from doling out corporate welfare AND private welfare, from waging wars, from collecting income taxes, from creating ANY kind of insurance program no matter for a bank or for an individual.

    Gov’t is all fucked up and it is killing the economy and people are blind idiots for not seeing it.

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