Selling Structured Annuity Payments: A Good Choice In Times Of Need

There are times when something untoward occurs and need for immediate cash becomes a necessity. In such situations, selling some structured annuity payments can be good solution. Read this article to find more about trading annuity payments in exchange of lump sum cash.

An annuity is the money, a person receives on a monthly basis or between specific period of time in return of an investment made with an organization. A lump sum amount of money is paid into the investment in order to receive the monthly payments. The amount of money that a person can receive depends on the interest rates offered by the organization.

However, there arises a situation when the need for immediate cash becomes really necessary. In such situations selling the annuities can be a good option. There are many professional companies that buy out annuity settlements from people. In return they give the cash according to the value of the annuity. Selling some or all annuity payments provides some flexibility to a person, to get the money during emergency situations. Many people decide to sell annuity payments early for various reasons. It could be that the returns from the investment was far too low. There could be other reasons like educational needs, unexpected medical expenses, sudden job loss, and many more. Whatever the reason may be, selling structured payments in such times can prove beneficial.


When an individual decides to sell off the annuity, a professional buyer of annuity payments offers a lump-sum amount of cash, based on the present assessment of the complete annuity contract. The buyer might also offer cash for a portion of the future structured annuity payments, depending on the need of the individual.

While the decision to sell annuity payments might be the correct choice for the original investor, it may not be suitable for the person receiving them as inheritance or gift. Trading some or all of the annuity payments gives the perfect opportunity to a person to use the money to its full potential. As such, most annuity contract are for a period of 10 to 25 years, an individual just needs to sell a fraction of the annuity payments if required, while still attaining the rest of the annuity.

Most buy out offers for selling annuity payments are somewhat customized. This enables people involved, to ascertain how much is needed to be sold to get the required amount. Many variables like the volume of annuity payments, fiscal rating of the insurance company making the payments, and how far into the future the annuity expands, come into the picture during the selling of annuity payments. These factors composedly help to establish the amount of money a person would receive.

When deciding to exchange annuity payments for cash, an individual should keep some important points in mind like:

By selling annuity payments, whether a good return is guaranteed from the buyer or not
Whether selling the structured payments will help to achieve the financial goals
The interest rates on the investment as compared to when the investment was initially made
Finally, whether to sell the whole annuity payment or just a part of it

While selling annuity payments, certain fees are levied on the payments made by the annuity purchaser. However, some experienced and reputable companies do not charge any fees whatsoever and rather ensure that the complete value of the annuity payment is paid promptly.

This article has been written by an expert working with FairFund Financial Group Inc., that offers cash for annuity payment.

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