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Why Cash Is King | Australian Exchange Rates Disclaimer: Crown Currency Exchange (a trading arm of Kings Currency Exchange Pty Ltd) is a wholly owned and operated Australian business. It has no connections whatsoever with a business named Crown Currency Exchange in UK When it comes to Foreign Exchange look no further than Crown and Kings Currency Exchanges….for all your holiday money [...]

Home Equity Loans – Do They Really Save You Cash?

Article by Steven James Home equity loans and lines of credit usually are repaid in a shorter period than first mortgages. Home equity loans are attractive to borrowers for a few main reasons:They typically have a lower interest rate (or APR)They are easier to qualify for [...]

Refinance Mortgage Rate – Stack Away Some Extra Cash With The Best Refinance Mortgage Rate

Article by Camila Machuca If you are a person going through a cash crunch or have faced a salary cut recently and for some reason are not able to pay your monthly installments towards your mortgage, then it is best to look for a refinance scheme [...]

Getting Cash In On Cash-Out Refinance Mortgage Program

What is meant by cash-out refinance mortgage? It is a mortgage refinance transaction wherein the new loan amount is more than the existing mortgage amount, including the closing costs. Usually, the main purpose of a cash-out refinance is to extract equity from the house. It acts as an alternative to a home equity loan. It [...]

Cash for Structured Settlement: Tips for Selling Annuity Payments

Entering into cash for structured settlement agreements is a complex process that normally takes 2 to 3 months to complete. Annuitants must determine if their state allows the sale of future annuity payments. The majority of states prohibit this practice and those that do require Annuitants to obtain authorization through the court. Obtaining cash for [...]